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Creator Mgmt, Promotion & Chatters

At RockitCrew we're aware that there are three stages of creators: the beginning stage where a creator gives birth to their page, the middle stage where a chatter may be needed to fill in extra hours, and the full management stage where 16-24hr coverage is needed. Our trained chatters are available to answer your messages and upsell content in your creator account seven days a week. They'll also help you retain and gain more subscribers. The chatters have a proven track record of increasing creators' earnings by up to five times while freeing up their time to produce content. 


Want to know why creators keep choosing to work with RockitCrew? Our rigorous hiring process ensures that we only hire highly skilled chatters who will make lots of sales in your account whether you're at the chatter-only stage or full management stage that includes marketing and promotion.

Modern Office


Los Angeles, CA

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