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Chatters Masterclass Series

Updated: Feb 8

Welcome to Part I of my Chatters Masterclass Series!

First, I’m going to give you some background about how I got launched into opening an agency that manages creators against my wildest intentions…

A friend of mine got me a job chatting for a large agency and I have to confess... I absolutely loved it.

The models were so creative and the fans were so open and interesting.

Then the agency offered me a promotion but insisted I sign a non-compete agreement first.

Not only did they insist, they threatened to withhold my pay for the previous month unless I signed it.

Since I had a legal background, my first thought was, "Who is this criminal who’s threatening to illegally withhold my pay?” So I googled him and discovered he had a $97M fraud judgment.

That’s when I sent the link to the article to the agency. They immediately paid me and we amicably parted ways.

So I decided to write up a proposal and send it to another agency. Basically, I offered to find and bring them creators and manage accounts for them.

That’s when the agency confided in me that they’d been hiring chatters but they weren't connecting with the fans and making good sales.

So I decided to send my proposal to another agency and see what they had going on.

And did they have it going on. They had the hookup on where and how to find the best chatters that were hardworking, loyal, and consistently blew away the sales numbers of the other chatters.

I became so motivated that I booked a trip to Miami where I attended a convention and booked appointments with seven creators.

That’s when I decided to open my own agency, which I was never going to do. I knew what it took to run your own business and had no intention of being on call 24/7 managing chatters, fielding calls from creators, and putting out fires.

But here I am doing it and loving every exciting minute of it. I've also decided to provide others like you with trained, experienced chatters for their accounts and agencies.

You’re welcome.

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