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RockitCrew has partnered with GigSocial to bring you promo buying and selling opportunities so you can grow your business like a pro.

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Part III Of My Chatters Masterclass Series

Full management vs. running your page yourself. Your main goal in having a page is to change your lifestyle, right? But how do you do that? You do it by offloading your work to other people. I know, I

Part II Of My Chatters Masterclass Series

A lazy or unreliable chatter will suck the life out of your page or your agency. And turnover will create even more work for you! So think about this... and all the times you've been disappointed by y

Chatters Masterclass Series

Welcome to Part I of my Chatters Masterclass Series! First, I’m going to give you some background about how I got launched into opening an agency that manages creators against my wildest intentions… A


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